4 Point Insurance Inspection Orlando FL

This Inspection is driven by the insurance industry when applying for Homeowner’s Insurance


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What is a 4-Point Inspection?

This 4 Point Inspection Orlando was established after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The insurance companies use this inspection to check if a homeowner has maintained their home in an acceptable manner for the insurance company.


There are four areas that 4 Point Insurance Inspection Orlando looks at:

  1. Roof
  2. Electrical
  3. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  4. Plumbing


Many companies require this inspection for homes that were built at least 15 years ago and older. Areas covered in this inspection include the Roof, Electric, Plumbing, and HVAC.


Insurance companies stress on getting the 4 point inspection done on older homes to relieve themselves of the concern that the home may become a liability to them. It is not necessary or commonly done in the case of new houses or houses that have been recently renovated. But if a home is nearing the end of its life, the homeowner may try to seek reimbursement from Insurance companies which is why 4 point inspection is done to identify these poor conditions beforehand. A 4-point inspection inspects each element and reports on the conditions and noting defects if there are any. This is the reason why I think that 4 point inspection is the best and you should try it in your home.


A discount rate is given when you order this inspection with your Home Inspection!



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