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Home ownership is a matter that is considered as an epic experience. Do you want to know why? As a new homeowner, this is the place you will devote most of your time. Other than the outward appearances, the home should meet the desired quality and specifications of the home buyer.

Primary to this Residential Inspection Orlando is an on-site inspection done on the premises put up for sale. With this tour, it will be possible to ascertain the functionality of various areas of the home together with the amenities available.


Areas of inspection;



A building’s foundation should be done in a matter that will not demean its superiority regardless of the landscape or season. For years to come, it is expected that the buyer’s home will stand and serve the purpose it was built for. Materials that make up the structure should, therefore, be durable.



This aspect deals with the physical appearance of the building. How classic is the finish? Does it need any painting before it is inhabited? How are the lawns, fences (if any), driveways, children’s play area? In general, this is the rating given to what gives the initial eye-catching impression from the buyer’s side.



What makes up the interior of the home? For exquisite interiors, there are higher chances of a quick purchase or higher value for your property. Classic interiors with an elaborate finish and fittings will be valued highly especially if they are synchronized with the in-trend styles.


All the fittings from the kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom tubs, toilet bowls, air ducts, and any other will be inspected for functionality. There should be no leakages. The environment should be welcoming and free from sogginess. Nobody wants to deal with the implications of a soggy setting.


Electrical appliances

All electrical appliances in the home should be absolutely faultless and harmonious in their functionality. Their quality should be of the required standard. If there are any major repairs done, they should have been performed by a professional with the right skill and familiarity. Their durability should also not be questionable.


Why choose us?

Orlando Home Inspection Services is equipped with the right specialists who possess knowledge in the area of home inspection that spans more than 30 years. Our skilled Orlando Home Inspectors will guarantee quality inspection services that meet the standards set by the American Society of Home Inspectors. With this kind of vast experience, you should not expect less from us.


Over 10,000 inspections have been conducted by us with happy clients in the end who are more than willing to act as references to project our services.


Our Orlando Home Inspectors have evolved with the dynamics of the market and are able to offer a variety of additional services on top of our traditional inspections which include;


· Mold and rust valuation

· A home warranty that lasts for 90 days

· 90 days termite eradication warranty

· Threshold inspection for Chinese drywall

· Thermal scan for the distribution scan


WAIT!! Did I mention that these additional services are FREE? Yes, they are offered at no charges in addition to our services. Call us and experience our professionalism.



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